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Dairy Farmers, have you ordered your easy calving Shaver Beef Semen (from a 34kg Birthweight Bull - No Bull!).
Telephone 0800 SHAVER (742837) or email (click here), for details. We are looking foward to hearing from more N.Z. Dairy farmers interested in using Shaver Beef semen in their herds to get more for bobby calves - Shaver Genetics will buy back all 4 day old progeny** , for Shaver Genetics' very own TraceaBull® program.

This is Grunt

This is Grunt.

Shaver beef cattle are a 9 breed composite*, bred for such traits as easy calving, high growth rate and high carcass yield. This makes Shaver semen, delivered either on 4 legs or in a straw, ideal for use in Dairy cows and for Mating Dairy heifers. What? Yes, we process prime bulls, steers and heifers produced by Shaver yearling bulls over Dairy HEIFERS. The prime progeny are farmed and processed alongside conventional bulls, steers and heifers, with no difference in the final product. While your'e here, have a look at my incredibly useful Farming Links page. Cheers Dick Robertson 0800 SHAVER (742837)

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*Breeds used in Shavers carefully selected gene pool: British: Galloway, Highland, Red Devon, South Devon and Lincoln Red European: Gelbvieh, Saler, Blonde Aquitane and Maine Anjou **Very special conditions apply.

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